Sunday, March 27, 2011

Winding down

So Me-Made-March continues, and this weekend was a long one spent travelling, crafting and having more fun than should be legal.

March 25

March 25 and it's very early morning in the airport dunnies. I'm flying to Sydney this morning to attend Sew It Together, a big sewers/bloggers get together. But before I get to the first event (a fabric shopping trip! Wheeeeeeee!!!!), there is coffee with my bestie who lives in Sydney which is ironic given today is my 11th wedding anniversary and I am spending it not with the Mister, but with one of our witnesses. Anyway, I'm wearing a me-made skirt and a me-made crocheted cardigan.

March 26

March 26 and I'm looking decidedly crumpled as I've been sitting on my backside all day quilting at the Craft Session component of Sew It Together. I knew I should have had this photo taken earlier this morning. But thanks to Juddie for this one. The dress is me-made.

March 27

March 27 and we are all at the airport int he late afternoon for our flights home from the weekend of craft. We were having a last hurrah together with some superb decaf at the bookstore. Yum. Bronwyn took this photo - good one Bronwyn! I'm wearing a me-made Ink and Spindle skirt, along with a new me-made zipper brooch made last weekend at Brown Owls.

Only four days to go for Me-Made-March 2011! This challenge has flown. I have the day off tomorrow, so I'm hoping to be able to finish at least one item to wear for those last four days. I should be making project bags, but that can wait another day or two I'm sure! I also bought a little bit of fabric in Sydney to use for clothes. Just a little! Promise!


  1. yay!
    Dude you look great - I love your me-mades!
    I can't wait to see what you get up to with your new fabric =)
    I think we should keep doing me-made-Mondays after March is finished!

  2. That zipper brooch looks great on the blue cardie...great combo.

  3. You are the Me-Made Queen! Hope a spiffing time was had by all and the Monday recovery is swift!

  4. Something in denim corduroy perhaps??
    Love that dress - so pretty, even better in person - like you really!
    Lovely to meet and sleep with you Michelle (ha ha), looking forward already to coming to your Territory for the next SIT.

  5. Loving you MMM & glad to hear that the weekend was great!

  6. You looked fab all weekend - well done on pulling of a Me-Made-March, what a great idea:)
    Lovely to also meet you in person on the weekend and for introducing yourself - I had so many names and faces running around in my head I was spinning:)


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