Thursday, March 31, 2011

So darlin' save the last dance for me

And now, my dear friends, we have the final four days of Me-Made-March 11. It's been a blast.

March 28

March 28 - I was having a rec day. A day to relax. Unwind from the weekend's activities. Maybe do a little quilting. You know the kind of day. But no - the morning was spent arguing various points with both my ISP and also the stupid antenna people who never came back to finish the job. I was beyond frustrated. And then my lovely new boots from Duo showed up. Bless you Duo! I was so happy I didn't mind that it was a warm day and I was wearing knee high boots and a corduroy skirt. Because corduroy skirts, especially me-made ones and newly mended and better fitting ones at that, make everything better.

March 29

March 29 - I love this dress SO MUCH. That's all.

March 30

March 30 - I'm not flashing the peace sign like some Harajuku schoolgirl. I'm reminding Kuka there are only two days to go. I am rather embarrassed today that it has taken me till day 30 to finish and wear something I've sewn in the course of the challenge. This is a new skirt pattern, with some pretty bloody splendid cotton sateen that has freaking DOILIES on it people!! DOILIES!! Also I'm wearing a me-made brooch (the zipper one).

March 31

March 31 - Holy jeepers - it's the end! I don't believe it. And not only that, it's finally cold enough to wear closed in shoes and tights! So excited. But only the skirt is me-made and you've seen it a couple of times already.

So there we are, at the end of a long month of me-made fashion. I have thought long and hard about lessons learned and all that. Here, henceforth, is my thesis, in dot point.

  • It was easier than I thought to find something me-made every day

  • I'm actually proud of my achievements given that for about 3 weeks of it I was crooker than a sick dog

  • Actually, I think this challenge gave me something to think about other than my own pain

  • My friends at work actually got excited by Me-Made-March and were especially keen to see the photos Kuka texted me each morning. I doubt people in Kuka's department were as excited to see my photos

  • Doing this with a friend was pretty cool. Maybe next March we can rope more friends in and have a conference type texting photo session going on each morning. Or is that crazy talk?

  • I think I need to make more blouses, especially of the button-up variety

  • My husband got very sick of taking photos each morning, although secretly I think he enjoyed it and he will be bereft with grief tomorrow morning

  • The fact my husband is 6'2" and I am 5'9" meant that my photos made me look very short-legged. My legs are not that short. Might have to get a shorter husband by next March.

  • I don't normally like photos of my face going on Flickr or my blog. It's not a vanity thing, but a privacy thing. But getting a reluctant party to take photos at 7.15 in the morning, every morning, without the face being shown was tricky so in the end I bit the bullet. All future sewing project photos, however, will be of the headless sewing woman of Sleepy Hollow.

  • This challenge was really, really good fun. The other bloggers doing the challenge are something else! So inspiring and talented.

  • In case you were wondering what I was wearing tomorrow, I'm thinking of the corduroy skirt and some bright red tights, just because me-made is more fun for a Friday than shop-bought.

And to illustrate my thesis, here is a pie chart, simply because I love pie charts.


And to sum up, here's a little mosaic of the last 31 days.

Me-Made-March 2011

Tomorrow: some quilting, perhaps!


  1. Woohoo! You rocked MMM. I LOVE that doily skirt! BTW Spotties has a fresh delivery of the cutest corduroy. Bron and I doing a trip down on Monday we thinks.

  2. Well dome, I have really enjoyed your MMM and I love the skirt with its doileys!! Fabulous boots.

  3. Oh man you just cracked me up! Pie chart and all.
    I love the way that you can tell exactly how your day is panning out just by the facial expressions.
    If you do it again next year, I might have to actually make some clothes and join in with the whole morning texting bonanza. It might even inspire me to dress nicely for an entire month.
    You have might fine taste in prints!

  4. The doily skirt is awesome!!!! Super impressed with your achievement this month - I would have rotated two skirts and a still not finished even though it has been more than a year dress.

  5. Good on YOU! What an achievement. Love that doily fabric skirt and the red floral skirt, well they all look great but they're my faves :)

  6. That is SO cool that you made it a whole month! Congratulations! I'm glad it wasn't as difficult as you thought it was going to be and you've definitely inspired me. :)

  7. go you! you've definitely inspired me to get organised and make some clothes of my own!
    and that doily fabric, looooooove it!
    well done for the month!

  8. You are so funny! I love your wit.

    I think day 30 is my favorite. That skirt is superb and I love the zipper broach!

  9. I only found your blog late in the month but it was great fun. And you have made lots of nice clothes! I did MMM with accessories, mostly, as it's a long time since I sewed anything to wear, and was pleasantly surprised to realise how many, and what variety, of accessories I had already made over the years that were wearable. It's a very inpsiring challenge and I can't wait for the next one! Though I never did get round to even looking at the Flickr site let alone posting on it. Next time ...

  10. That doilies skirt is to die for.

    Go you!

  11. WOW! Those doilies ROCK!! Congratulations on making it through the MMM - I'm in for next year although not sure how it'd work for me with a uniform and all. Excited by the thought of group texting though!

  12. Impressive work Michelle! I love the way that you kept at it through sickness and health. I LOVE that dress too, and the doily fabric is just adorable. Very nice work and I think that I might need to join in next time.

  13. Love the pie chart! Don't toss in the husband, it would be easier to buy an apple crate or something similar.

  14. Amazing! Doilies for heaven's sake - I love it.
    Also had a chuckle at the 'new husband by next March' comment - maybe he might just prefer to bend his knees rather then be replaced!

  15. oooh, my favourite skirt - the black one with the colourful flowers (with new Duo boots - weeeeeeeeeeeee!) and hello, doilies!! Love the doily skirt!

  16. OOOh. That is so pretty! I love it!


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