Thursday, March 10, 2011

Days 2 to 10

I know I've been quiet about Me-Made-March 11 lately, but I've had a good excuse. So let's summarise, shall we?

March 2

March 2 - I rode my bike into work and showered and changed there, hence the crappy iPhone-in-the-locker-room-mirror-shot. I'm wearing a me-made linen/cotton skirt and a me-made cotton top.

March 3

March 3 - Taken at the end of the day so I'm looking a lot scruffier than usual. I'm wearing a me-made skirt and possibly some tea spilled down my front.

March 4

March 4 - after a spectacular night of out-of-the-blue abdominal pain, I awoke very tired but in a lot less pain so decided to go to work. I was ready to kick the world's arse. Hard. I went for no-nonsense red and white stripes with a me-made skirt.

After two hours of kicking the world's arse, hard, at work, I admitted defeat and went home sick. Six hours later I was in the emergency department getting my own arse kicked by severe pain but enjoying the effects of morphine. 24 hours later I went home again, having slept in my black me-made skirt all night. It was actually quite comfy to sleep in, but that may have been the morphine talking.

March 5

March 5 - In this photo, taken a few hours after I escaped back home, I am wearing what is quite possibly the worst thing I have ever made - McCalls 5896. It doesn't fit well, it's baggy, the bodice sucks, it's in freakin' green gingham, for heaven's sake, but yet it is the most comfortable and coolest thing I own. I'm all about the comfort on March 5. Also, my belly hurts so much I can't wear trousers.

March 6

March 6 - oh, this is a special look, it really is. Me-made skirt, Myer-made top, and me-made dark circles under my eyes.

March 7

March 7 + 8 - Oh yes - I wore the same outfit two days in a row. I'm on sick leave. Shoot me. Me-made skirt. It's my favourite - an Ink and Spindle fabric that I don't think I've ever blogged before.

March 9

March 9 - by this time my bloating had gotten really bad so I feel and look 8 months pregnant, and the pain is worse and worse. I would have stayed in PJs all day except I had appointments. Do I look like I care what I'm wearing? No? Well I don't. This Me-Made-March thing can seriously GO. TO. HELL.

March 10

March 10 - isn't it amazing what a good night's sleep and a haircut can do? Also, the pain has reduced significantly, and I'm thanking that foul lime cordial tasting liquid I had to drink for my CT scan yesterday for that. It's coincidence, I know, but one can imagine. Anyway, I woke up this morning and it was raining. Lovely! So I decided to get all sunny. Me-made skirt, me-refashioned top. I had to put a jumper on an hour later because it was so bloody cold.

So there's where I'm up to with Me-Made-March 11. I still have at least another four days at home and my casual wardrobe is starting to look a little dull. Also the temperature is decreasing so it's time to maybe stop with the bare legs and get out some tights and leggings.

I was hoping by this stage in the challenge I would have finished sewing another couple of things, but alas I haven't been able to do much of anything, so I'm stuck with what I have in the wardrobe.

Luckily that should be enough, but I really do need to do some adjustments on a few more skirts.


  1. Michelle, you are a trouper for keeping up with it while you're sick! I'm in awe.

    I'm glad you're feeling better, and hope you're back to 100% soon.

  2. I hope your tummy's much improved soon - loving today's skirt. And as for the green dress - perfectly fine with a cardy :)

  3. Arghh - sorry to hear you haven't been well. Hope you are feeling better soon. If its any consolation, I think your outfits look awesome (and course, you know why I like the green skirt!).

    I'm in awe of anyone doing MBMM. I wanted to join in but seriously there are only just so many combos one can do of 4 tees and 3 shirts!

  4. I don't know whether to comment on the gorgeous array of outfits or the state of your health!!! Hope you're OK and back to full health real soon. Do you actually know what's going on, or are you just living with pain and waiting for answers? I hope not.

  5. Ugh, all that tummy stuff sounds horrid. I'm sorry the kick arse outfit didn't kick the tummy stuff right out (because it is a serious kick arse outfit, helped by the fab sunnies!).

    I also love the sunshine outfit, which also doesn't seem to have worked...maybe you need to dress for winter to get summer weather back?

  6. Michelle, I'm loving the outfits and especially love the day 4 photo - seriously fierce! But more importantly - how are you feeling? I hope that you are improving fast - we have SIT to get to very soon! And of course I don't like the thought of you feeling yuck.

  7. It's so lovely to see YOU on the blog! I can finally put a face to the name.
    I can't believe you actually managed to get dressed, let alone do it with style and MBMM.
    I'm seriously loving the photo with the red and white stripey top - you've got attitude!

  8. Urgh, being in that much pain is no good. Hope it resolves soon. Stunning outfits though. And I think the green gingham dress is pretty nice as well - we need comfy clothes too.

  9. I can't believe how nicely you dress for work - the shoes, the jewellery, the skirts and cardigans and sunnies - everything rocks. Not like us at that shabby joint in Belco. Most people still look like the nerdy scientists that they are. I hope you're feeling better soon. Your illness sounds worrying. Sending wellness vibes.

  10. You look so great! I hope you are feeling better. Keep those pictures coming!

  11. I'm with Emma, I can't believe that you've still kept up with Me-Made March even though you've been so sick. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and hope that the pain is gone completely soon!

  12. I know it is wrong to find humour in someone else's pain, but that is seriously the funniest post I have read in a looong time - thank you! I cannot believe the universe was brave enough to arse-kick back! I hope you're feeling better.

  13. I'm with Emma, too. You are a real trouper. Outfits look dandy. Hoping you're on the mend and ready to kick ass again soon.

  14. I just popped over to your blog thanks to a link on Snailblazers blog (great name tag you made for her btw). Such a funny post, not funny that you were sick, but the way you have written about it - hilarious! So sorry you were sick, you have made some seriously awesome outfits :)

  15. hell , I hope you are OK...
    I don't care what you wear , But I want you to be well !

  16. which is not to say I do not admire your amazing garments of course.... but you had me worried !

  17. Hi Michelle,

    I'm really sorry that you've been unwell and in pain. Really hope you feel better soon. I went looking for your blog through Ravelry, and as the link was no longer there, decided to google you, because I really enjoy reading.

    Love the array of outfits, and hope you feel well enough to sew soon.

    Karin (fellow crocheter)

  18. Oh! Still on the mend I hope?
    I am just astounded at the humor of your writing and the fact that you kept documenting all through that!!!
    (I can opt to grab handmade, but taking a pic when I feel bad? Forget about it!!!)

  19. You have an amazing collection of self made wear, the pictures are a wonderful record. Hoping that your tummy has sorted itself out and no longer bothers you.

  20. You've made such an amazing amount of stuff! Everything so versitile as well.


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