Saturday, January 19, 2008

Could it be?

Last night I ripped the sock back to the ribbing.

This afternoon I finished it, all bar the sewing up. I'm waiting to see if I have enough yarn for the other one.

Minicluster lace sock - one almost complete

By the time Baghdatis has finished wiping the tennis court with Lley-Lley's butt, we may have sock number two. Here's hoping...


  1. looking great! You HAVE been busy!

  2. Wow- you sure respond to a deadline!

  3. i am very impressed by the whole concept of crocheted socks. i will be in the can for the show (the dogs are doing flyball there) so will come check them out!

  4. So where's the second sock then?? C'MON!! (backwards hand pointing at forehead thingy!!)

  5. How do you top Rosered's comment??

    Did you stay up to watch the entire match? Probably got all of your show pieces finished if you did! Shame about the result though...

  6. The ones in the previous post are pretty too, but I agree that these ones seem more "show-y". I'm kinda looking forward to the show. It'll be my first here in Canberra.

    Your crochet socks look so nice and comfortable. Mmmm, socks.


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