Monday, January 14, 2008

Of recklessness and water

IMG_1991, originally uploaded by legothenego.

One of my aims this year was to breathe. Often.

Before Christmas I took up swimming again. Every couple of days I ride to the pool and swim laps. I had to learn to breathe again - fifty metres is a long way to go when you don't breathe.

I follow the tiles and think nice thoughts and stretch and kick and by the end of 16 laps I feel taller and lighter and alive. It's nice.

* * * * * * * * * *
I have a public service announcement to make - I will not be held accountable or responsible for any untoward puchases. Cassidy's at Kingston have some very nice Naturally Me 80% wool 20% cashmere on sale for $2 a ball. Normally $13.50 or something ridiculous like that. I was there on Saturday, and the discovery was enough to make me tell Mr QM to put down the balls of Patonyle because I'd found something much interesting. I bought a couple of bags of lovely kelly green, but they had purple and burgundy and I can't remember what else.

Buying that wool and swimming were the nicest things that happened to me on the weekend. The rest was just revolting and mainly heat related. I'm thinking of ditching Japan and investing in some evaporative cooling ... just so I can have my life back.


  1. ah, nightswimming. A personal favourite in the REM back catalogue.

    There's a sale? Someone tie George down!

  2. Oh my! Guess I'd better finally find Cassidy's then :)

  3. great swimming pic. 50 metres is a really long way when you forget to breath out when you tilt your head around and then suddenly find your lungs full of water. but im working on my technique. and right now im so glad i dont live in canberra anymore sales. heat. george in hysterics. too much.


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