Monday, September 15, 2008

I only wanted to see you underneath the purple rain

So the shop is now updated. Yes, I'm later than I promised, but I've included some new products, including this magenta sunnyboy (it's not red, honestly!) and a purple wool felt for the needlebooks.

Magenta pebbles sunnyboy

Purple birdie needlebook.

In addition, I've made a needlebook for the sewers and embroiders out there - more leaves in the book, but no needles are included (you all have your favourite needles, and I'm not going to mess with that!).

Oh! Oh! There are also a couple of two-toned needlebooks. I just went CRAZY in my sewing room this morning (quite obviously).

Anyway, sorry I was late with the update. I kind of got distracted - Saturday was spent half-comatose from exhaustion, but Sunday I suddenly perked right up and *ahem* started painting the house. I'm just at the sample pot stage at the moment, but there will be photos soon, I promise.

You'd think I would spend this sudden energy burst on doing something fiscally sound, like, you know, applying for a job. I'm hopeless.


  1. *sniff* Is that the faint wiff of prascrastination I smell?? Or perhaps its just the paint ;-)

    Love the purple needle book - I think I might need a second one!

  2. "Purple rain, purple rain...."

    Curse you and putting songs in people's heads!!!!!! >.<

  3. I love the items in your shop. too cute!

  4. Must. Resist. Buying. Another. Sunnyboy. Must.....

    Thnks for the quick turnaround on the last purchase. It is at my Mum's already!

  5. I'm impressed that you can paint the house so soon after having your appendix out. Go, Michelle!

  6. painting is useful procrastination - productive procrastination, as opposed to watching tv, which is useless procrastination - so go paint! I really need to paint. I painted white when I moved in and thought i would come back and add colour later - but no not yet.

    and by the way I have tagged you and don't quite know how link to it so just go to my blog and you know what to do.

  7. LOVING the purple needle book, that's just gorgeous, and the Sunnyboys are always good. ALways.

  8. Fantastic products as usual, oh I like the sound of painting the house and the flowers in your garden are just gorgeous I can smell it from here!

  9. You are making the rest of us look real bad.... are we spose to update our shops regular? Oooh dear!

  10. check this out - when I made a mistake with your url to

    something very interesting comes up


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