Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I've struggled to get my appetite back in the last three weeks. The worst thing (best thing?) is that I've gone from being a complete coffee addict to barely being able to stand the stuff. I think I've had a total of two cups in the last few weeks. But why oh why aren't I losing weight with this lack of appetite? The universe is conspiring against me.

Last week I couldn't stand the thought (or sight) or eggs. But tonight I'm making a big step forward. I'm cooking this:

I'm cooking this tonight

Because with chorizo and potato and parsley in the one dish, how on earth could I go wrong? Yum. I have a little issue with the lack of a 20 cm oven-proof frying pan (my pan is a 36 cm monster) but I'm hoping some strategically positioned alfoil in the pan will convince the omelette to stay in it's 20 cm boundary.

Today I finally finished a custom monster sunnyboy for my Finnish buddy Ruth (she of the Japanese fabric personal shopper fame). Ruth makes amazing felted Blythe helmets, and needed a big sunnyboy to cart all her massive skeins of wool and her circular needles around. I hope this is big enough - each seam is about 12 inches, rather than the usual 8 inches I make.

Big sunnyboy

I also dilly-dallied for quite a few days with the question of the perfect batting for a larger bag - and decided to use a quilting wool/poly blend batting instead of thin pellon. I did this so that the bag could keep it's shape under it's own weight. It turned out beautifully in the end, and I'm really pleased with how it feels.

And with that, I only have three more custom jobs to complete - a needlebook, and two massive lots of Blythe stockings (oh how I hate making Blythe stockings - and I used to love it so). I'm afraid the shop is now closed for custom orders, as it is eating into the time I need to look for a job. Maybe some day I'll have the time to do custom orders again, but for now it's just not possible. But there is heaps of stuff in the shop at the moment (and I'll continue updating every week) so you should be able to find something to tickle your fancy, no?

P.S. Blogger formatting totally sucks.


  1. that sounds so like my kinda dinner. Yum.

    Fair call on the custom orders. They are cool but not if they are taking time away from other stuff.

  2. I agree about the formatting.

    And what recipe book is that?! It sounds divine!

  3. I LOVE chorizo & my husband make a super yummy dish involving chorizo & potatos, Mm mm mmmm.....

    Enjoy your yummy dinner.

    PS your sunny boys rock & I am trying to talk myself into having a crack at making one...

  4. Your dinner sounds delicious. Love the sound of chorizo and potato together.

    The big pirate Sunnyboy is fabulous.

  5. Yo ho ho and a dinner full of chorizo. Sounds very Mediterranean. Well done. :)

  6. Good food and a fantastic sunnyboy. Maybe I'd better go back to your shop and look at some more needlebooks - one in every project bag, wasn't it?

  7. I miss my coffee so much. Or tea, even. It's cool this morning and a mug of something hot would be perfect.

  8. no coffee - I guess it is a good thing. yummy dinner though, wish there was enough for me!

  9. Is that Apples for Jam I spy?? That dinner sounds yummy!


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