Friday, September 19, 2008

A little more this, a little more that

* I cooked the omelette. Verdict? Well, I didn't upchuck it, so that was good. It was, in fact, absolutely superb, and the parsley salad was inspired - but it's ridiculous to think that something with six eggs, four potatoes and a couple of chorizo will feed only two people. Way too much food. Next time I shall halve the recipe and serve it with a jumbo green salad. The recipe is from Jamie Oliver's "Jamie at Home" book, in case you were wondering. It's a great book, especially if you love tending your vegetable patch.

Chorizo and Potato omelette

* In case you were worried about my powers of procrastination, let it be known that I have applied for five temporary employment registers in the last two days.

* I was invited to apply for a stall at the
Handmade Market here in Canberra in November, and I was so excited. But when I worked out how many sunnyboys and needlebooks I'd have to sell in order to pay the $110 stall fee, I realised it was just a lovely dream. I'll be at the market for sure, though, no doubt buying all my Christmas presents!

* I received my subscription issue of World Sweet World today, and oh my goodness. This is such a great magazine, and it continues to get better with every. single. issue. And this weekend, I really, really want to make this.

* Go
St Kilda. GO!


  1. ooh - the omelette looks great, and we have 3 very productive chooks.... mmm.

    And thanks for the link to the markets - I've popped it in the diary already.

  2. Whenever I work out how many things I'd have to sell to cover the cost of a stall (and turn a small profit!) it makes me so sad - but have you considered sharing a stall with a friend? Half the price!

    Two Cheese Please

  3. I call a thick omelet like that (especially one with potatoes and meat included) a frittata, and they're very good warmed over or even cold. Enjoy the leftovers, too!

  4. Mmmm - I agree with Amy. I've had cold frittata the next day in a slice of toasted focaccia (the thin, flat kind), with roasted red peppers. Divine!

  5. I haven't seen that magazine before. Thanks for the link. It's always nice to discover a newie.

    As for your weekend, I think you really, really, really should make that!

  6. Oh yum, that omlette looked fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing the link to World Sweet World. It looks terrific - I'm going to have to get a copy.

    Have fun making your vinyl bag!!

  7. hmmm yummy. shame about the real world interfering with the market thing... i wish the real world would bugger off so you could make sunnyboys for the rest of your life....

  8. Oh that omelette looks delicious - I do love a chorizo...

  9. What a lovely magazine, I'm quite tempted to buy the current edition, just based on one photo on their site!

    It's a shame you won't have a stall at the Handmade Market. I'm hoping I can pick up a few Xmas presents there too, but fingers crossed I can have most of the presents either bought, made or planned by then.

    Thanks for the nice comment about my top!


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