Thursday, September 4, 2008

The kindness of strangers

I've been buying quite a bit of fabric, both for the shop and *ahem* myself. (Let's just say "mmmm matryoshkas" and be leave it at that, OK?) Yesterday I received some envelopes from Elissa at Kelani Fabrics, and I was shocked to receive some sock monkey fabric that I hadn't ordered.

Ooh! Sock Monkey fabric!

It was a gift to help me feel better. How nice is that? I've never even met Elissa! Anyway, thank you Elissa. I really appreciate it, and the fabric is so beautiful, and yes, I do feel better. My brain is already ticking over with ways I want to use it. An appliqued tee for me, an iPod case, some toddler PJs. Hmmm.

Tuesday's project-a-day went by the wayside due to a course in minute-taking I was booked in for (who needs an executive level salary? APS2 jobs everywhere are now mine. I have the skillz, dudes! Ho ho ho!). Yesterday I finally made my owl from Paper and String. It was a lovely afternoon - just me, the sofa, 'Ready Steady Cook' on the telly, and the kit.


I think he looks a bit gumby though. All that stitching and he could be Franken-Owlie.

The sock is moving along quite nicely. My next move is the heel turn. Bad photo though - the yarn is really very vivid.

Socks in progess


  1. The owl is really sweet! And I love that sock monkey fabric. Coincidentally I was looking at it today thinking how cute it would be for kids PJs.

    Errmmm ... hope you enjoyed the minute-taking course?! (I used to be a training manager in the public service ... I should sound more enthusiastic, right?)

  2. You know, I am JUST starting to realise what a huge, fabulous world of fabric is out there. I just didn't know there was such cool stuff and I'm learning it from you!

  3. I think franken-owlie is fab! And love the fabric (all of it!)

  4. Wowee you've been busy! I didn't that you could do a course in minute taking...

  5. Shall we have some online craft meetings and you can use your new found minute taking skills to take the minutes so no one misses a thing?

    I like your owl!

  6. Owlie is super cute! What is the fabric behind him ?- I'm on a 'peacock' search at the moment!

  7. Love those reds in those fabrics! Your owl is really cute too!

  8. Cute owl, and very nice socks! I haven't tackled crocheted socks yet - but I will. My Mum sends her best wishes too - she was quite concerned about you being unwell (she reads your blog but hasn't learned how to comment yet). Take care!

  9. I love your idea on the long skinny clutch, I haven't done much sewing later. Meanwhile you have been sewing up a storm and I'm loving the burst of orange, mustard and light blue in those unfinished sock.

  10. That is one damn cute owl! Sock's lookin' good too :)


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