Monday, September 1, 2008

Project a Day - Monday


Ah, spring! Flowers, warmth, smells, blue skies ... but really all that pales when I consider that the first day of spring always means my birthday is in 26 days. Heh!

With all the convalescence that's been going on, there's also been quite a lot of deep thought, particularly in regard to my future. Thursday will be the three month anniversary of when I left my job and entered a world of no stress, and (let's face it) no income. Three months was the holiday Mr QM and I allowed myself to do with as I wanted - I chose to start Buttontree Lane, and I couldn't imagine a better-spent three month holiday (unless of course it is a 5 star first-class round-the-world train trip with on-call masseurs. That would be quite nice too).

But my time is up and it's time to find a job. Buttontree Lane won't close - I just won't be putting out the goods as quickly as I have been, and I'll most likely stop doing special orders and customs, and taking the time to reserve things for you lovely people. It's not because I won't want to - I just won't have the time. So I suppose what I'm saying is get in quick. There'll be another (small) update either late this week or early next week, but once I've found a job it will be dribs and drabs time for Buttontree Lane.

So given my impending short time frame for remaining home, I realised I have all these crafting things I haven't yet done. This week is therefore the week for doing them.

Today's project was a goccoed birdcage from Jodie at Ricrac. Clever chook that she is, Jodie made these kits a few weeks ago and sold them in her Etsy shop for way too little money. While listening to a very enlightening Craft Sanity episode this morning with Meg McElwee, I finished this little beauty.

Gocco bird cage

Love it, love it. Jodie, you need to make some more, but you also need to charge more!


  1. these three months have flown by! What an achievement. You've certainly made your mark.

    I believe you'll be just fine. There's a job out there with your name on it!

  2. Wow! Three months went quick, huh!? I too am waiting for enlightenment about what I can do when I grow up b/c this job sucks -the paid one not the unpaid one, although that sucks too some days.

    I have used my ric-rac bird as a scissor keeper.

  3. Eek, that *was* quick! I have complete confidence that you'll find just the right job to keep you satisfied without driving you crazy.

  4. The birdie is so cute!! Since spring has sprung and the grass is riz, we now know where the birdie is!

    Good luck with the job hunt - am sure you will find a tops job!

  5. Send your positive thoughts out into the world and the perfect job will arise. That bird crafty number is just so gorgeous!

  6. Wow - it doesn't look like you have had a holiday at all. Love the birdy too.

    PS. I thought I came across a link from your blog about a Canberra Designers blog? Could that be true?

  7. No income...not so fabulous. Wouldn't it be lovely to not actually have to worry about earning money. I'm very happy that Buttontree Lane will still be here. Love the little birdy!

  8. Well done on making the most of your 3 month 'holiday'. You have done so much! Your work is lovely you must be very pleased.
    Good luck on the next phase and make sure you remember to keep creative.

  9. Looks gorgeous (and that time went by awfully quickly!)

    Forgive my asking - but what, exactly is ricrac?

  10. I am continually having an ongoing heated discussion with myself about the pros and cons of going 'out' to work or continuing to be a SAHM. UGH!

    The right job will come along for you. I just know it.
    Then everything will fall into place.. or pay the whichever comes first.
    oh and there is that tradition of spending your first pay check on yourself. Am I wrong?

  11. Wow, three months does go fast. Good luck in your job quest. i love your socks from the last post too!

  12. Well, I have certainly enjoyed the fruits of your three month holiday at Buttontree Lane. I love my Sunnyboys and Project Bags! Good luck with the job hunting.

    PS. Beautiful photo on this post. Looks like rosemary in flower, maybe?

  13. Enjoy what's left of your days off and good luck with the job hunt. I just went back to school after a six week break, and it all went by waaaay too quickly!

  14. That did seem to go fast for all us observers. Something is sure to pop up ! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Glad you like the birdie - you could be my product photographer , that photo is great!

  15. What a cute little birdy. I wish you all the best at finding a job.
    I wonder if I can arrange a similar 3 months in my life it sounds like a great thing to do ; )

  16. and ricrac has more in stock and I bought one cause they are so gorgeous. hope it is not too single white female! you just find the coolest things.


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