Friday, July 27, 2007

Al - he's a crafty one

Al in the anarchy hat WIP

Today was the weekly knit-in at Craft ACT as part of the Knit1 Blog1 exhibition. As has become custom, Al was adorned with the latest WIP, but at least this time I had a camera. The Shopping Sherpa provided his scarf earlier in the week so at least his neck is warm.

On the way out, Jacqui (the non-blogging knitter) armed him with drop spindle and blue stuff, and I think he looks quite the spinning expert, don't you?

Al, the drop spindle and the blue fluffy stuff Al shows his technique with the drop spindle


  1. This is becoming a bit of a habit! Looks like he doesn't mind in the least ;) The beanie looks great :)

  2. I expect he'll need to loosen up a bit before he's truly deft with the spindle! ha ha ha

  3. Whatever gave you the idea that the scarf had anything to do with me?

    *Looking all innocent*


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