Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Two hats

With winter in Canberra truly setting in, I find myself at work dreaming often of cozy days at home listening to ABC local radio, hook in one hand and ball of wool in the other. Sure that work conference today on e-government strategies was interesting - but my mind kept wondering to unfinished projects at home.

Spurred on by the current $2 Patons yarn sale at Big W and the resultant overabundance of Jet and Inca in my stash, I've hooked up two quick hats in the last two nights.

On Monday night I tackled the Newsboy Cap from "Crochet Today" magazine. It looked tricky in the photo, but it was dead simple. I made it bigger by hooking with a 6.5 mm hook instead of the specified 6, but my head is huge (it's all in the brain) so I needed the extra room. I think I started it at 6 pm, cooked dinner, drove to Jacqui's and by the time I ripped the brim off and changed the pattern a little, I'd finished it by 9 pm.

Newsboy Cap

Last night I opened to "The PDQ" in the Happy Hooker. I was using Patons Jet this time. I love it but my short hair tends to stick out of the holes in the hat! I'd like to make another version in the grey Jet which doesn't have the holes. One day.



  1. What a fabulous blog you have! The ripple rugs, the redwork patterns, all gorgeous and your patchwork is beautiful.

    I especially like your Sashiko pincushions.

  2. Lovely to 'meet' you, am enjoying your Blog - and thanks for commenting on my Blog! Don't you just love the new Jet colours? I made a beanie out of the new pink colourways Jet, it was so pretty.


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