Thursday, July 12, 2007

And it's done

I hooked the last of the ribbing at lunchtime today, and then finished it off tonight.

I twisted the wrap once and then stitched the ends together. I suppose it's more of a shrug than a wrap now. I really, really like it and it is surprisingly warm for the amount of holes in it (that's a crocheting joke).

Here is a pathetic photo - taken on timer when the camera was sitting on a shelf in the cupboard. There were another 40 photo attempts - of the wall and one arm, of the camera strap, of half the wrap and all of the bedroom door. One day I'll know where to stand the first time.

It's a wrap

Knit1 Blog1 exhibition opening is tomorrow night at CraftACT. Can't wait to see it!


  1. Look forward to meeting you tomorrow night? I wonder if it will be like other times I've met fellow crafters - we recognise the craft project first. :)

  2. I expect you are right! Looking forward to meeting you too!

  3. Hey thanks for your really interesting comments on 2nd life and blogging. It is fascinating to me the whys and wherefores of these new communication methods.

    By the way I love the wrap and hope to see it at the K1B1 opening (also appreciated the crochet joke!).

  4. The wrap's gorgeous Michelle! I love how it's a moebius strip!! Nice work.

    I'm another lurker who's finally gotten up the courage to leave a comment... nice to meet you!

    I'll be at the K1B1 opening, so might get to meet you. (but i don't have any newly completed projects to wear so i can be recognised!!)


  5. Boy you have been so productive! This is so cute!
    Poor old quilting is taking a backseat to all this creative crochet!


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