Saturday, July 7, 2007

Some days I'll wear blue and yellow, some days I'll wear beige*

It's one of those wet, cold, Canberra Saturday mornings. The day started with a quick trip to the farmers' market (where we, of course, showed up the farmer fashionista with our spectacular new crocheted hats) followed by 10 minutes of sunshine during which I decided doing 3 loads of washing was a REALLY GOOD IDEA. Of course the washing is now hanging on the line, sodden and cold and I refuse to go outside to retrieve it. Maybe a warm wind will blow through this afternoon. Maybe.

I spent the rest of the morning in the sewing room listening to an ArtSound
FM interview with Barbara McConchie who is curating the Knit1 Blog1 exhibition at Craft ACT in the Canberra Museum and Art Gallery starting on Friday. I've been invited to be the guest crocheter for the exhibition, and I'm so excited!

This photo just reminds me that I never did finish those crocheted socks I was making ...

The only thing to do on a wet winter's morn

And I got a lot of work done on my latest project. It's a wrap of my own design, and I'm thinking of calling it "Canberra Corporate". Because it seems in winter that this is Canberra's uniform - grey and black.

Latest crochet project

I'm using Lincraft Balmoral Tweed for this project - I bought some of it on sale for $2.99 a ball this week. I don't mind crocheting with this stuff. It holds it's twist pretty well, but occasionally you can get a ball with knots all the way through it, which can be annoying enough for me to refuse to pay the regular price of $3.99 a ball for it. Hooray for mid-winter sales.

Right. It's time for the St Kilda match on TV, and another few rows of the wrap.

* lyrics by Fred Smith "Chockabelly".


  1. Hi Michelle. I like that wrap - would look good with a bright colour underneath to thwart the Canberra Corporate thing! I look forward to seeing you and your work at the exhibition.

    I just spotted those Lincraft tweeds on special in the catalogue - think I will have a go at felting them.

  2. lovely wrap. Looks great. You are so right about the uniform.

    Would be curious to see your crocheted socks - finished or not!


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