Saturday, July 14, 2007

This is the post where you get to the see the ugly carpet in my sewing room

I've brought home a huge haul of cheap yarn over the last fortnight, and there is no where to put it. So in the organising and cleaning and searching for spare space in my sewing room (thank goodness yarn is so squishy - it can fit in almost any crevice if you squash it enough), I came across 4 very sad WIPs.

One was a pink hat I crocheted years ago in Paton Jet - it was always too short and my ears got cold. Last night I finally added another row and a stupid looking half-frayed flower, and now it is wearable enough that I showed up that farmer fashionista crowd this morning at the markets with it. (Also ran into
The Shopping Sherpa at the happy hens egg stand, wearing her fantastic skull 'n' crossbones jumper).

Anyway, no photos of the pink hat - yet. I want to fix the stupid flower first.

WIP number two is this pair of socks. Except it's only one sock. Half done. And it's too skinny to get on over my size 11 clodhopper. I think a fair bit of frogging is required (maybe back to ch1 - eek).


WIP number three has already been frogged almost to death. It's a pair of mittens, again only one mitten and a wrist cuff. I started using a free web pattern for these but found the pattern made no sense so I made my own version. I'm using Lincraft Lima (alpaca/acrylic blend) and it is so soft and warm that I really should get these finished before winter is over.


The fourth sad item is the Shelly scarf I showed a few posts back. When I completed it in autumn it was long enough to wrap around my neck once for balmy afternoons and cool mornings. With the frosty mornings we've been having though I would really appreciate being able to double wrap it around my neck. So about 20 more rows are going on to the end, and they'll need to do that by the end of today as my other scarf is in the exhibition and I'm going out to the movies and dinner at Sammy's tonight and bloody hell it's COLD.

The exhibition opening last night was amazing - I met a few fellow bloggers like The Shopping Sherpa, Jejune and Dotter, Bells, Taph and I saw other amazing recognisable creations in the distance but there was no chance of getting near some people with the huge crowd that was there.


  1. Anyone would think we're stalking each other... ;-)

    (oh - and I didn't think there was anything wrong with the flower when I admired your hat!)

  2. crochet socks! Ooh, tips please!

    I'm sorry I didn't get to chat to you more Michelle. Some time soon, for sure.


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