Thursday, July 26, 2007

This is a long post. You've been warned.

I haven't been able to post for the last week due to a notoriously slow 16kbps internet connection (bloody hurry up and connect me, TransAct!) and the stress of leaving one government department (and the same job of more than 5 years) and joining a new one.

But productivity has resulted. When one gets up at 2 o'clock on Saturday morning because the bad dreams are too much, and one goes into one's sewing room to turn the oil heater and the radio on, well what is one to do but pick up a hook, a book and start something new?

That's my excuse anyway.

New WIP Number 1: An Anarchy hat from The Happy Hooker, done in Patons Jet (another $2 bargain from Big W).

Anarchy Hat

Old WIP Number 1 (which is now WIP Number 2) is the Cold Shoulders Capelet. Those who were with me at the Knit1 Blog1 knit in last Friday would have seen me crochet an entire row ... then rip it out again when I discovered a very obvious mistake (too obvious to get away with). So progress, but not much.

Cold shoulders capelet

After discovering Sean Sheep still on sale for $2 at Big W, and inspired by Dreaming all the Time's felting exploits, I bought a few balls of Armytage and started a scarf for felting. I probably should swatch before I get much further though.


Last Saturday I had a very traumatic experience at the hairdresser which actually didn't involve a bad haircut, but did leave me sitting there in the chair with wet hair and no hairdresser for a good 30 mins until someone realised I was there. An already-stressed out wreck in tears. Idiots. Anyway, to make up for said traumatic experience, I went shopping at Cassidy's. Ooh boy ...

Cassidy's loot

Yes, that's Country Silk for $4 a ball, and Naturally Tussock for $3.50 (perfect for homeless heads). The other stuff was mega bucks but it will help keep baby feet warm next autumn.

Then I headed to the nearest op shop ...
Old Patons Jet? "Patonised"? What on earth?


  1. some great stash enhancement there Michelle.

    Hope moving into the new job is a good thing overall, despite what sounds like a pretty traumatic week.

  2. The capelet looks nice! What's Cassidy's?

  3. The Jet beanie looks wonderful, and I'm really liking the look of the cape! Beautiful colours. Hope you're settling in well at the new job :)

  4. Sympathies for the traumatic week Mick... I can relate (in the middle of making a complete career change, leaving my good, well paid job for a low paid, but hopefully way less stressful and more satisfying one - but it's bl00dy hard isn't it?)
    Oh the hairdresser experience sounds yucky. Nothing like being neglected when what you really need is nice pampering attention.


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