Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can you imagine us years from today?

I tend to be a bit of a loner - I tell myself I'm much more comfortable in my own company, but in reality I think I get too nervous meeting new people and make myself uptight and wonder whether person X who I just met thinks I'm a complete wanker. I'm more than likely a hard person to love, but I have some people I keep close to me.

So this is a blog post about friendship.

About 18 months ago, some dear friends convinced (some would say nagged) me to join them on a little holiday to Fiji to participate in a singing workshop. Obscure sounding holiday, I know, but it's what we do for shits and giggles. I said yes, then no as I'd just bought a second house and OH. MY. GOD. that was too stressful and I couldn't cope. Then I said bugger it. Yes, I'll come. Pick me up on your way to the airport.

In May last year we took off on our little adventure which became a big adventure and a life-changing experience, and the best nine days of my life. One of the reasons for it being so life-changing was the friends I made. For some strange reason they didn't seem to think I was a complete wanker. We called ourselves "Daku family" and I've missed all 27 of them every day since I left Fiji.

On the weekend some of my Daku family came to Canberra for the folk festival, and over the weekend there were many little Daku Family Reunions, usually in the form of hugs and kisses each time we came across each other. And there was singing. Lots of singing.

Here's some of my family at the NFF. There were three others but we couldn't find them in time for the photo.

Part of the Fiji reunion at the National Folk Festival

The last time we were all together it was a little warmer and a little more primitive and there was a lot more gin.

Villa sunset party

And it made me think - I would never have met most of these wonderful people if not for my love of singing (and gin), but yet they are people I relate to outside of the whole musical thing. I met them because of music, but we stay in touch because we like each other.

I hadn't thought about it too much before this weekend, but it's the same for my quilting/knitting/crochet/new to Canberra/blogging friends. We met because of xyz hobby or interest or need, but in reality, it was just a convenient excuse to meet. We continue to hang around with each other and care for each other because we have more in common than just that.

And I think that's kind of cool.

Mr QM, on the other hand, hangs around with me because I married him eight years ago today and he can't get rid of me that easily. We almost missed our anniversary but for Patricia, super-marriage-witness-extraordinaire, telling us on Friday when she turned up to stay, that the 25th was Tuesday. We told her no, the 25th was Thursday. She insisted. We insisted the calendar must be wrong. We can be so stubborn. And stupid.

Happy anniversary, Scooter. You're the best friend I could ever hope to have.


  1. Yay congratulations!
    Beautiful photos Michelle, and a gorgeous story too - I agree, some hobbies end up being just the perfect excuse to meet fabulous people =)

  2. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful post Michelle - I was really touched by all of it. (and guess what - I guessed which person was you in the first photo - spooky hey?)

  3. Happy Anniversary! This easter holiday thing has made me lose track of what day/date it is too!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both. So glad the NFF was a blast. :)

  5. You and your Daku family look so happy together!

    Happy anniversary to you both. This was a really lovely post.

  6. Happy Anniversary to the nicest singing, crocheting non-wanker I know!

  7. Not sure I can do any better than TFs commnet!

    So (belated) Happy Anniversary!

  8. What a wonderful commentary on friendship. I,too, tend to be a loner because I don't want people to think I am a complete idiot (same as wanker?). It's always a surprise when folks turn out to like me. Happy happy Anniversary. You look so happy.

  9. happy anniversary and yay for real friends! ditto, TF's comment :)

  10. What a beautiful post, gin cheers to friendship and love.


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