Saturday, March 29, 2008

When daylight fades and night invades

Last night in between chills and fevers I finally found my sewing machine again. I knew it was there somewhere.

So that's what my sewing machine looked like

My first job is to sew sleeves on these quilts so I can finally hang them (ironically, I can do this without a sewing machine). My second job is to re-stock my Etsy shop so that I can have some spending money for my holiday in Melbourne next month.

The candles are primed for Earth Hour tonight, although we are feeling quite cynical about the whole thing. What happens after the hour is up and the lights get flicked back on? Will people forget a very important lesson? I hope not.


  1. Earth Hour, Clean Up Australia, Plant a Tree Day... they all give folks the impression that they've 'done their bit' for the environment rather than making long-term changes for the other 364 days a year. If WWf was serious about getting people to change then they could have pushed a couple of messages about turning the lights off in empty rooms EVERYDAY. Or turning your appliances off at the wall EVERYDAY. I'm happy to go along with the crowd on these days too, but maybe we should say to ourselves 'for every "day" that I do I'll do something "every day"... Thanks for getting me all het up - I think I'm going to blog this comment now!

  2. Heh! I don't mind Earth Hour - I think it reminds people that they don't need to have lights on all the time, and to manage with less. I'd like it if it gets taken up by institutions in a long-term way. the beloved and I were discussing it this evening, and realised that when it's just us at home we have very few lights on, but when D is with us, he turns on lots, and leaves them on.

    I started thinking it was you, Michelle, when you replied to a post of &Duck's about real estate, and when I looked at your blog and saw a pic of your man, I knew it was you. It's a good coincidence.


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