Saturday, March 22, 2008

This is ... my demon


This photo was taken on Thursday night at 10.05 pm. It's my sewing room, or something that once resembled a sewing room. While my creativity has been down the toilet, my sewing room has gone to hell. Really. And you're only seeing a third of the mess.

Storage is not the problem - I have heaps of it, but I have too much stuff to store. I really need to knuckle down and start making quilts and jumpers to whittle the fabric and yarn stash down. But then there's that problem with the current lack of creativity again, and I break into a hot flush. Hence the fan.

After I took this photo, I did the ironing, put away the board and sorted out some of the cupboards, but there is still no way I can get near that machine.

One day. Soon. Please.


  1. I find thee is nothing to bring back the creative desire like cleaning up your craft area. Pack everything away, telling yourself, well it looks like it will be a while before I use this again. Everything is nice and tidy, and you rejoice in your clean area - and the creativity hits like a Mac truck. the mess is recreated so much quicker than the clean up took....
    Janet McKinney

  2. I'm sure your crochet counts as creative, and no tidying required! Maybe your creative mind and stash are just maturing, like a good wine...

  3. that looks like a job worth doing and doing soon!

  4. oh Dear, I was thinking how tidy it looked - sheesh I must have low standards !
    Normally when I start to tidy up I find something that reminds me of something that I wanted to try and then off I go again !

  5. I also didn't think it was that bad. But I know what you mean. My room looks crazy right now, my sewing machine is sitting on the computer desk with the manual open not much room to get on the computer, I'm just waiting for Alex to get fed up and move it...where I'm not sure

  6. It's not too bad! But sometimes it can be hard to find that creative mojo underneath any disorganisation, I know!

  7. a creative environment is very rarely (if ever neat)

    this looks like you have spent hours and hours of enjoyment in your room.
    thanks for sharing

  8. I still think I win the craft mess!
    Check it out:
    hahahha Steph xx


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