Sunday, March 23, 2008

This is ... still a mess

Thanks for your comments about my sewing room demon last night. To answer Jodie, who didn't think it looked too bad, well yes, it is that bad, and much worse. Here are some photos I took this morning.

Expedit bookshelf
This is my IKEA Expedit bookshelf, and while in itself it sodesn't look too bad, it has a lot of wasted space that I need to sort out. Also the baskets hold and hide a multitude of crafting sins.

Messy corner

This messy corner is one of "those" corners. It was invented by the need to put my sewing machine case somewhere - Mr QM deemed the spare room cupboard was needed as a tool shed, even though he has a bloody great tool shed outside. (Slowly I am making him put his plaster and his hammers and his impact drills outside, and eventually I'm hoping to reclaim the space.) Anyway, since I put the sewing machine case there, cutting boards, quilting rulers, BAGS OF YARN and other ephemera have moved in, and now it's a bad neighbourhood. With car burnouts. And letter box bombers.

Blythe wall

The Wall of Blythe is just a disaster, and the shelf underneath 200% worse. These shelves carry the legacy of my old sewing room in the old house (i.e. the dining room wall and a linen closet) and I really should do something about those plastic containers. They don't close properly, for one. They are butt ugly, for another.

It's been a lovely weekend here at Chez Quiltingmick. I went off to sing at the National Folk Festival on Friday morning, met up with some mates from my Fiji trip and then I took house guest Patricia to the Fiji reunion that night where we ate noodles and sang and discussed economic policy. Fun! No, really! Yesterday the three of us went to the Turner to Monet exhibition at the NGA, followed by lunch in Manuka, and a night in front of the footy with a bowl of homemade risotto each. My idea of a dream Saturday night, and our team won, so hooray!

Patricia left this morning after breakfast. I'm about to do some studio cleaning, have a shower, and then I'm back to the Folk Festival for the next 2 days. A performer's season ticket has it's advantages, you know... and I'm singing again tomorrow afternoon.

And here is where I leave you with a photo from a couple of Folk Festivals ago. I learned many things from watching these guys - how to perform with pure joy was one of them.

Never take yourself too seriously.


  1. I am unbearably jealous of that wall of shelves and baskets. I don't care what condition they are inside, I just want something like that....

    Janet McKinney

  2. I too am v. envious of your shelves and baskets. At least it looks organised, unlike my junk room (I can't even try to call it a sewing room, or study or any other such civilised word). And everyone has one of those corners, don't you worry!

  3. Mmmm, I'm having IKEA envy too (even if they are Swedish ;))

  4. I love the shelves, I love the baskets, and I LOVE the singing! I don't think that I've mentioned that I used to be a bit of a singer too, and I certainly love a folk festival! Jealous jealous jealous!

  5. Sorry Michelle, if you call that clutter, you can never come over to my house! When I look at those photos, I just think, look at all that clean, clear floor space!

  6. Michelle, what year was that folk festival photo taken? I don't remember Geoff's hair being green last time I saw him, or so long for that matter.


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