Sunday, March 2, 2008

Using the stash - dedicated project #5

If there's one thing I've noticed since I started the bed o' stash, it's that I love red, green and black. (and now purple, but we won't go there). I have two lots of gorgeous green to crochet, and they are both the loveliest of colours and I don't want to ruin them with a badlt selected project.

Ya know?

Stash: 18 balls of Patons Totem 8 ply in a mashed avocado green, bought at one of the numerous $2 sale expeditions to Cassidy's.


Issue: Do you know how hard it is to find crochet patterns for light worsted weight yarn? Near on impossible. Everything is for worsted and aran these days, and we all know how good the Aussie yarn companies are at producing 10 ply, don't we?

Solution: Bell-sleeve Cardigan from Plus Size Crochet by Margaret Hubert. I'll probably add more buttons.



  1. Love that jacket, very clever combo of a simple overall look with the fancy sleeve detail.

  2. you are finding so many great patterns lately. I'm really impressed.

    And mashed avocado is the perfect name for that yarn!

  3. oh i wish i paid more attention to nan when she was knitting

    lovely blog! :D

  4. Thanks art4friends - except it's not knitting, it's crochet.

  5. Hi Michelle--you asked about the sizes for my Half Crazy sweater--it's designed for sizes 32-48, but because it's simply rectangles (worked sideways for front and back), you can really make it any bust size you want.



  6. That is such a cool cardigan! What sort of bust sizes are in the book? I'm sharing the crochet-love with the girls from the AIS - one of them is doing fashion, and she's discovered amigurumi. I introduced her to crochetme today...

    I'll be there on Saturday. Might be a little late as I'm going out to lunch as well (so decadent!) but I WILL be representing on the crochet side! I have a worryingly small back panel for a long cardigan that is exactly in gauge and exactly on the measurement the pattern thinks it should be. It's 30 centimetres, give or take. Those lace panels on the side had better be freaking HUGE!

    I also want to meet your Blythes sometime. I have been wanting a Blythe for ages, despite never seeing one in real life. I really love "Cloud 9 Bowl", and "Gentle River" but they're so expensive! Credit card goes first...

  7. Ooh, its just like my mashed avocado green yarn from the $2 Cassidy's sale! Only, I have 20 balls (Lordy, they must have bought a whole lot of that color!) and I am trying to make Cinnabar from it but knitting backwards more than forwards at the moment. Plus, I got distracted by a little number called Mirabella.

  8. Oh that is just beautiful! Great choice for mashed avocadoes :)


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