Sunday, July 20, 2008

Crochet in the News #1

The mister works at a certain national institution, and for weeks I have asked him about snagging me an invite to the "Strike a Pose" exhibition opening. He kept saying "Lee Lin Who?" and I had to keep reminding him about the fabulous woman we saw at Kings Cross Station on a Saturday afternoon a few years ago who had me gasp with her amazing style and her amazing tiny-ness. Anyway, they apparently don't give out invitations to wives of the IT staff, no matter how much they idolise Lee Lin Chin. Bastards.

So I've been trawling through the social pages today looking at the who's who of archival infamy, and in the main section I came across this. And it's crochet related.

Canberra Times 20/07/08

Fashionista Chin wears Turtle on screen

LEE LIN CHIN made news last night when she presented SBS World News in an outfit designed by Canberra's Natalie Turtle.

Turtle joins the prestigious ranks of Vivienne Westwood, Michelle Jank and a host of international designers that Chin has worn behind the newsdesk.

Turtle won a Canberra Institute of Technology fashion competition to design Chin's outfit for Thursday's fashion photography exhibition Strike a Pose opening, but Chin said she wasn't about to discard the dress in the back of her wardrobe.

''I feel as though Natalie captured something of me and my personality in this design, I'm really quite touched,'' Chin said of the multi-panelled calico dress. ''Natalie's design and finishing is just beautiful and I love the fact that much of it is handmade.''

Turtle, who graduated from CIT in fashion, said she would use this envious starting point to create her own label named By The Wing. ''Winning this competition has made me realise I should have the confidence to get out there and design my own range,'' Turtle said.

Turtle wore an elegantly draped ochre dress to the exhibition opening with delicately crocheted hems.

''My grandmother and I sat up all night crocheting,'' Turtle said. ''My mother's side is Colombian, and I take a lot of inspiration from Colombia in my designs.''


  1. Those shoes look enormous on her tiny little legs!!
    Love the orangey dress too! =)

  2. When I grow up I'm going to be just like Lee Lin Chin. I'm often so distracted by what she's wearing that I forget to listen to the news!!!

  3. I actually saw the SBS news the night she wore the dress (which I also read about in the paper) - she's so amazing looking and confident in her choices.

    I often think about doing crochet stuff for my clothes - unfortunately, thinking is as far as I get...must change that!

  4. We study and discuss her clothes every time she does the news. She looks so incredibly small but she sure has a lot of style. That would be a great exhibition to go to. Good luck with finishing your quilt.

  5. Great post Michelle - thanks! Maybe I should start doing some crochet embellishments. Isn't Lee Lin truly the most amazing fashionista!


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