Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am, and nothing's gonna colour me

Acacia Scarf

I've completed the first project for my TdF CALWM (that's crochet-along-with-myself for the uninitiated). I love this scarf. Odd, as pale pink is so not me.

Acacia Scarf by Megan Marshall
Yarn: Panda Carnival 100% Wool 8 ply in pale dusky pink. This pattern used a little over three balls.

Acacia Scarf

Hook: 5 mm bamboo
Notes: Really, this was the perfect pattern to get me started. Minimal fuss, perfect for a darkened room watching the peloton at midnight, and not enough chance to get bored. This scarf is also really beautiful to wear. It got a run around Kingston today, where I swear it was almost snowing.

Now I just have to work out what my next TdF CALWM project will be ... perhaps a little something in Noro Kureyon Sock yarn?

A week or so ago, I alluded to Georgie and I doing a little Wollmeise shopping in between her teeny contractions. I was a complete novice when it came to Wollmeise. I'd heard it mentioned in passing, usually in hushed tones, and often with a "hallelujah" tacked to the end. So while bump-sitting Georgie, she got a phone call from
Tinkingbell to tell her that Wollmeise was up on the website. George drove the computer and put things in our cart before other shoppers could steal them, while I sat on the floor, picked colours and made sure there was no undue excitement which might bring on another contraction.

So today the Blessed Wollmeise arrived. And it was stunning. Absolutely stunning. We had colours of orange, red, green and blue laid out on the table. Even a cute baby and the smell of the spicy noodles coming from the kitchen couldn't distract us. We had to decide who got which yarn. It took us a good 90 minutes to work it out, and in the end it was just a guess because honestly, we could have taken any one of them.

Wollmeise Campari Orange Wollmeise Gewitterhimmel

I now know why Wollmeise is spoken of in such hushed tones. Sure, the feel of the wool is wonderful, but those colours? They are magnificent. The blue has about 10 different shades of blue in it, and the orange is a shade that even an orange hater couldn't hate.

And it smells really, really nice. Not as nice-smelling as little G with a clean nappy, but nice-smelling just the same.


  1. Oh that scarf is just beautiful. How I wish I could crochet .... but I suspect this is not the project for a beginner to start on!

  2. If it helps - I am on a bit of a crochet binge at the moment... so we can pretend to be crocheting together. Except, I am not so sure about having to sit up and watch the TdF as part of the deal. I can cope with the highlights though...

    I began crocheting a circle, which I have added a... well you will have to see it on my blog when I take a photo. Now I am crocheting flower medallions, and joining them together into .... umm I dunno - a bit of a square. It is just kinda happening without thought... All right, all right, I will take a photo when the light allows, and put it up on my blog...

    Janet McKinney

  3. ah the wollmeise. caused quite a stir at knitting camp too. lovely scarf too, i think that colour would suit you.

  4. Fantastic scarf Michelle! Great shade of pink. And that wollmeise looks superb. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  5. MMMM my Wollmeise arrived yesterday too - and I can't stop patting it!! (I didn't see any blue - why didn't I see the blue?)

    I love your scarf BTW!

  6. wollmeise, wollmeise, ra ra ra! Love your colours - very interested to see what you make of it. The orange never really appealed to me until I saw yours (clearly I am some sort of idiot!!

  7. ooh that indigo-y blue... sigh.
    Colour is a funny thing. I think the older i get, the more of a colour whore i become. I used to be so particular and now some of my favourite FO's are in colours I wouldnt have looked at a couple of years ago.
    Lovely scarf :)

  8. Colours are gorgeous!!!!
    I think a crochet along alone is a fabulous idea.
    I find it very liberating to alone-along. It takes away that pressure of worrying about keeping up with anyone else, and it's not a competition after all.
    I think sometimes people get so wrapped up in the togetherness SnB brings that they forget the joy of being alone with some yarn and pointy instruments of choice

  9. Love the scarf.
    I am very much a fan of solititude, in any form really.

  10. lovely scarf, and the colours oin the wollmeise....i love oranges... better not tell &duck about their logo though.

  11. Oh! the scarf is lovely! i wish i wish i could do that!
    Great colour to, especially with jacket!


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