Friday, July 11, 2008

Leave me alone, get out of my face

Sock project bags

Five weeks ago I blogged about not knowing what to do with myself now I wasn't working. The broad beans didn't have great conversation skills and there's only so much Gilmore Girls a girl could watch in her spare time. I'd aimed to have a routine going - one where I didn't sleep in, sewed for at least 4 hours in the morning, and then spent the afternoon listing stuff on Etsy and going for a long walk or bike ride. Unfortunately having neck pain for four weeks didn't help, but this week I've managed to get back on track. I have a schedule, I've been sewing and I've been selling. And the best part of all is that I've had some really good alone time to sit. And think. And ponder. And think some more.

Rising moon over Lake George

It's been so valuable. I like being alone, and I love doing things alone. And there's a lot to be said for doing things alone.
Krafty Kuka commented on my last post and hit the nail on the head (ouch!) with regards to my TdF CALWM, when she said "I find it very liberating to alone-along. It takes away that pressure of worrying about keeping up with anyone else, and it's not a competition after all. I think sometimes people get so wrapped up in the togetherness SnB brings that they forget the joy of being alone with some yarn and pointy instruments of choice." (Comments like this are why I love you so much, Kuka).

Just like I've enjoyed being alone in the last five weeks, I've also loved CALing alone and doing my own thing. No, I don't feel lonely doing my own CALWM. No, I don't feel the need for anyone to join me, nor do I want them to. Yes, I've enjoyed doing my own thing using the Tour as an excuse. Yes, I would be crocheting while watching the Tour anyway, just as I do every night.

Summer Haze - WIP

In stitching matters of another religion, I'm going to be very busy in the coming weeks as I have two quilts to make for the exhibition. The one above needs borders and a trip to the machine quilter. The second one is still *ahem* unmade. It's only a small quilt so getting it to quilt top stage shouldn't take too much time, but then I'm *cough* hand quilting it.

I have until August 1, I think.

I hope.

Maybe I'd better check.


  1. You know I loves you too ;-)
    That quilt top is AMAZING!
    And I'm so excited to see all the goodies for your shop =)

  2. I agree. Alone time is the best.
    I used to work with a couple of guys who shared this view. Heh, one of them said over morning tea, maybe we should all live alone together. I miss their humour. But nothing else about that environment (qango)

  3. I totally agree with the solitude thing. I'm grappling with that now, while thinking about my next career choice. Ooh - I like your (soon-to-be) quilt. And if they're goodies for your shop :) , where's the link?

  4. I like silence too. External silence b/c it is never quiet in my head.

    As I type this I am listening to the rain lashing down and knowing that in the next half an hour the house will be filled with voices and radios and television and....

    (apologies if mentioning lashing rain caused anyone to covet our crappy weather here ;-) )

  5. I also love alone time as well but I do find that I need a bit more discipline than I have to use this time more wisely. I tend to spend too much time on the computer and not achieve enough. Good luck with your quilt-making.

  6. this was a great post, with a beautiful picture and oh that quilt! im so glad your new ventures are working out. funnily enough, i enjoy snb most when everyone has stopped talking and is just knitting, so im with you both on the alone thing:)

  7. Good luck with the quilts, that quilt top is gorgeous btw! And just to let you know, I think I may have a wee bit of a blog crush on you.....

  8. What they said! Yes, I find the whole KAL thing too much too (and even some group stuff too), I don't need extra stress or pressure in my life ... just doing my own thing and enjoying it without deadlines is really valuable. I'm a little solo bunny at heart - which is why it's hard to live in a household of 5!

    I'm so glad you're sewing and selling, very good to hear - and hope the quilt gets done in time - it's looking great!

  9. I completely and utterly aggree. There's nothing like quiet time with some tea, your thoughts and your needle(s).

    I _love_ your shop stuff, and glad you're getting a routine going. (And that quilt is beautiful!)

    As for an alone along - what a brilliant idea. I don't think I said so before.

    That all just goes to show - you are awesome! :D

  10. Love the quilt - and because I have 3 smallish children - no-one can ever understand the joy that being alone in a quiet and still house brings me... - except you!

  11. When I read your post all those weeks ago, I thought to myself "She'll come round". hee!
    The quilt is superb!!

  12. I NEED the alone time. I find a strong balance between social activities (carefully chosen!) and alone time are what keep me sane.

    And even being part of big KALs is really only about me and one or two people I know who are doing it!

    I'm envious of all the alone time you're getting.

  13. I totally know what you mean by alone time! Everyone needs alone time. I love the quilt btw!


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