Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You’ve done a hundred things before half past nine

Cutting, cutting

Here at Quiltingmick HQ, a lot of cutting out is happening to the soundtrack of all 103 Waifs songs on my iPod. I've got a few custom sunnyboy quilted pouches to make today, but I'm hoping to also list a few more pouches this evening.

Last night someone asked me about the size of the felt needle books. They are only tiny (and cute) - 8 cm by 6 cm when closed. I've changed the description on the listings just in case you all thought they were ginormous.

Needle books


  1. It's so refreshing to see those gorgeous autumny tones. I think you're very brave to be putting yourself and your work out there.

  2. And I bet a smile plays around your lips while you work on these gorgeous things, listening to your favourite music.

  3. So I should start stalking the etsy store now so I can grab a sunnyboy?

  4. You see that fabric there with the writing on it?! I'm stalking a sunny boy in that!

    You stuff is fantastic! I said it before, but I dont' think you'd mind me saying it again. :)

  5. What a hive of industry and creativity!! Fabulous fabrics and I LOVE those needle books!

  6. Love those fabrics!
    Bells showed me her sunnyboy bag and I have to say it looks even more amazing in real life! =)

  7. waifs? I'll have to look them up...(god forbid I say this but...)what/who do they sound like(and I live in America, so you'll have to help my non-knowledge of global bands... ^^;)

    those books look great by the way!


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