Sunday, July 20, 2008

This is ... what makes me happy

This morning I was going to write an entire blog post about how much I hate my quilt. Last night I spent two hours unpicking 56 pieced rectangles, all because the pattern was wrong. I was going to tell you about how angry I was, how I checked the designer's website for corrections before I joined them all as something just didn't seem right with the instructions, but there was no mention of a problem. I was going to tell you that at midnight last night, after a huge glass of red wine, I finally finished sewing those little bastards back together and now they are crooked, and I really think this quilt is going to look bloody awful.

But then I remembered that today's
"This is ..." theme is what makes me happy. This quilt does NOT make me happy, but there is plenty of stuff that does at the moment.

* Not working in an office anymore makes me very happy. And healthy.

* My friends make me happy. Yesterday I spent time with a good friend and my heart almost burst with the happy. Of course, the Italian pastry I had may have also made my heart burst with a coronary, but it would have been a happy coronary.

Project bags waiting for the sew

* Creating makes me happy. This morning I cut out a few more project bags, and the fabric was so lovely I couldn't help but smile. A couple of months ago I was on a course for work. Through a questionnaire, I discovered that my best work style is as a producer. Creativity didn't even show a blip on the work radar. I wondered where I had lost myself. And I wondered if it was healthy to lead such a Jekyll and Hyde existence - creative and imaginative by night, producer and dull by day. That thinking actually made my decision to leave the job a lot easier. I wanted to find my creative self again.

A perfect midwinter morning

* This makes me very happy. It's the view from my sewing room window, and it's another perfect Canberra winter morning, albeit cloudy. My first daffodil has come up, and the frog pond is only a month away from sounding up again. Shortly I'll be seeing the mister with his wheelbarrow, pottering around the garden, moving soil and pulling pond weed out of the water. He is such a lovely man, and he makes me happy as well.

Thanks to Jacinta for such a beautiful theme!


  1. What a refreshing post. I really need to do this sort of thing - when I'm getting fed up, stop and think about things that I am happy with. We tend to be way too hard on ourselves and i think being creative can be a great outlet.
    the fabric is gorgeous :)

  2. Lovely. Yes, much better to write about these things that nasty horrible quilts!

  3. What a beautiful post and I love the fact you are enjoying your creative life now. Also, those first signs of spring are always good reason to be happy and as for sharing Italian pastry with a friend? it doesn't get much better than that!

  4. Isn't it nice when you find things that make your heart sing? I'm a bit partial to an Italian pastry myself...

  5. Good on you for being able to divert your attention away from your frustrating project. I wish I was better at doing that. I would have reached for another glass of red wine!

  6. I have been slack lately but wow you are keeping yourself busy and you have found your creative self again, good to see. All your projects look wonderful!

  7. It's so much nicer (and mental health-ier) to think about what makes us happy, hey?! So glad you are finding your creative side again!

  8. i love the views. Terrible about the the quilt. I am sure it will be fine!!

  9. The quilt sounds like a bit of an Everest at this point. Glad you can still stop and reflect on the things that make you happy.

  10. What a great made me very happy when I read it!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday...with that gorgeous pile of fabric.

  11. I heard somewhere that you can't properly identify true happiness unless you have experienced the converse. I think I can see where the quilt fits into the picture :)

    Your new project bags are going to be beautiful.

  12. Yep, that quilt is the dark thread in the tapestry that gives the highlights such depth. It sure can be a pita when they happen, but the sooner my consciousness shifts to the bigger picture, the happier I am.

    Thanks for the reminders.


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