Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Woot! 200th post!

And I'm pimping. What a waste!

Sunnyboy quilted pouches - batch #2

I just wanted to let the night owls know that four more sunnyboy quilted pouches have gone up in the
Etsy shop. I wanted to put them up earlier, but I had to take an emergency trip into town on a bus for zippers. And then Cold Case was on. And then a dog ate my homework. Well, not really, but Cold Case was really good.


  1. Did your suit not come back from the cleaners? Was there a hurricane? It wasn't your fault, right?

  2. Happy happy happy 200th to you.
    Love the pouches.
    Fancy even being able to find zippers when you need them.
    Go ginkos.
    That's a fantastic range of graphic prints you've used.

  3. happy 200th! More Sunnyboys! Woo hoo!

    I know I'm going to have to have a pair at some stage.

  4. yay for 200! yay for sunnyboys! im so glad its going well...

  5. Yay for you and 200! LOVE those sunny boys, and can't wait to collect mine!

  6. Yay for 200 posts! Love the sunnyboys (still) - off to check if the black and white birdy one is still there...(fingers crossed!)

  7. Congrats on #200

    love the sunnyboys!!

  8. congratumalations to you!

    And I may have to come visit your stash in order to commission a par on sunny boys. They're so cool.

    And yes, Cold Case was very good, no?

  9. Great work on making it to 200! I like reading your blog.

    My sunnyboy has just arrived in the post and I love it. The lining is really cute. I was going to say it was as good as getting a "free", but I'm not sure how long Sunnyboy actually did that (we're talking the 70s here) and whether you'd know what I was talking about?!

  10. These are fantastic - and your choice of material is, ofcourse impeccable!


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