Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who can it be now?

Tonight on the Tour de France, it's a time trial, also known as Stage 20: Cérilly to Saint-Amand-Montrond, and the Alone-Along continues.

As such, we have our contenders lined up for Tour de Neckwarmer, both champions in their own right.


Racing for CSC is Patons Shadow Tweed. He is a strong yarn, soft when he needs to be soft, and warm at just the right time of the year. While he does tend to shed fibre everywhere, he also can be crocheted single strand, making him a strong contender for the Tour de Neckwarmer.


Shadow Tweed's closest competitor, and the yarn tipped to win the Maillot Jaune in Paris on Sunday night, is Cleckheaton Country Silk, racing for Silence-Lotto. Soft, oh so soft, and known on occasions to make fibre artists gasp with delight, Country Silk is only able to be crocheted double strand, a risky tactic given this yarn's general lack of support from his Silence-Lotto team members.


Will the support vehicles hinder or help the competitors?

Only a time trial will tell. Stayed tuned for the Tour de Neckwarmer, tonight on SBS at 10 pm.


  1. Any chance of these bits of georgousness (sp??) hitting your shop?

  2. Im backing the Shadow Tweed, I'm a long-time fan. But then, if you dont take risks, you dont get the payoffs, do you? Go Team!

  3. Love the post about shipping (I also adore the neckwarmers!)

    Please don't undervalue your time - it's like those people who ask me to knit them socks and I tell them they can't afford it! -( 20 dollars for the yarn and even at 2 bucks an hour for roughly 16 hours of my time - NOONE wants to pay 50 bucks for socks!) I'll gift 'em if I want!! You have a great product and people who wants it will pay (and even though I love a bargain as much as the next person I still believe in paying for quality!

  4. Ooooh can't wait for the 'tour de result'!

  5. Mmmm I'm getting behind the country silk too =) I have a couple of balls of that myself which I had no idea what to do with but I think a neck warmer could be just the thing.. your button jars are great too =)

  6. Go Shadow Tweed!

    Sadly I'm packing it in on the Tour de France, as at 12.30am my eyes are hanging out of my head. Clearly a lightweight.

  7. Country silk all the way. I think it'll look spectacular!

  8. So... which one did you go with? I'm backing shadow tweed - it's so snuggly and warm - I've got a jumper in that yarn and it wears really well.

    I'm 2nding the call for some neckwarmer action over at buttontree lane! pretty please...

  9. Ooh. I love your button jars!


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