Monday, July 7, 2008


As the daughter of a library technician with 30 years' service, and as a temporary library worker during my uni years, I feel it's my duty to advise my fellow stitchy mates and librarian friends (because it seems I have a lot of librabrian friends) that Sublime Stitching has just delivered the Best. Patterns. Ever.


I already own two Sublime Stitching books and about 20 patterns ... but I think I have room for a few more. Babushkas! Hedgehogs! Emily Martin!

I was really tempted a couple of weeks ago to join the Tour De France KAL/CAL, but I phaffed around too long and before I knew it the entries were closed. So I decided to do my own little TDF CAL. Just little projects - a scarf here, a pair of mittens there. On Saturday night I started my version of the Acacia Scarf, using a gorgeous dusty pink yarn. I survived flicking in between TDF and Wimbledon until about midnight that night and all was well with the world.

Then last night I did it again - flicking between the two channels until 1.30 this morning. Roger was losing and I didn't see the point in seeing him lose in three sets. And hey, Scott was going back to work this morning and I knew I could have a sleep in.

Well, that was all well and good until the alarm came on at 6.15 am ... and Debbie Spillane announced the match was still going on. I yelped "What?!?!?", got up, watched the end of the match, went back to bed and since getting up again have been mostly comatose on the sofa, unable to do anything but watch Gilmore Girls and drink coffee. It was worse than a hangover.

Tonight? I'm going to bed at 10. Those TDF guys can cycle just fine without my pink scarf.


  1. I saw these too - so cute! I love Sublime Stitching, I am an avid fan!

  2. teehee
    Love those sublime stitches!!

  3. I missed the KAL/CAL too. I decided I really couldn't take on anything else just now. It sounded like fun though.

    Those sublime stiching patterns are...sublime. Oh, I need more time.

  4. Hi,
    Just passed your blog.Lovely!
    I loved your prints{the ones in the ikea frames}
    regards Laura

  5. So it seems there are a few Canberra crafters who like the tennis. I'm still feeling a bit sleep deprived. Maybe we should organise an Australian Open knitting/crocheting event for January... I love the librarian stitching - v. cool.

  6. The librarian is so gorgeous - if we all looked like her, maybe memberships would increase dramatically - hehe! I love the huge 'overdue' stamp and those glasses!

  7. Another librarian here, I love these. I also missed the match and hear the results in the morning, it would have been the best game to watch.

  8. Library tech here, I think the teachers might pop their clogs if I managed to look that at work....

  9. I love that stuff (but my embroidery sucks!)
    I too wish to go to bed early - say - about 2pm - 2 sick children and a sick me =worn out!

  10. Love that stitching!! Just wish I could do it (I'm not sure I have the patience and/or fine motor skills!)

    Have also been flicking between tennis and tdf - and as a result, SO TIRED!! Think I'm going to have to have an early night tonight - so can you crochet for Cadel for me??!!

  11. Well I am 3/4 qualified Library Tech..does that count? Also have a friend that works in a school library and is currently doing hers, has a big O birthday next year, could be just the thing!

  12. gorgeous stitching! funky embroidery, very cool. i missed the KAL too, largely through a fear of commitment. i can do without the late nights as well, so its probably a good thing. i like your approach tho. look forward to seeing your little bits and pieces!

  13. Oooh, I love the Sublime patterns too... and you just gave me a great idea for a pressie for a long neglected friend that is also a librarian, go you!


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