Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is ... part of my owl collection

I've been fascinated by owls for years. Bugger Harry Potter - it was all about Hedwig.

I had no idea I had a collection though - I always believed my collecting was restricted to Blythe dolls, vintage Pyrex, old buttons, amigurumi and Mary Wesley novels.

Seems I was mistaken.

This is part of my owl collection

From left to right, there's:
* a cloisonne toothpick holder mum bought me in a Chinese gift shop in Dickson
* a Rabbitsmoon owl
* a Betty Jo brooch
* a Sri Lankan handmade and handwoven owl bought in Kuranda last month
* amigurumi by Ana Paula Rimoli (she has a book out now!)
* and a Blythe hoodie from M for Monkey.

Then there's all the owl fabric, and the owl chimes outside. I think I need to get some owl earrings.

Thanks for the free-for-all theme this week, Angela.


  1. I have gorgeous owl earrings purchased in Athens in 1982 - athena's bird being the owl - I love them to death - and I think I have a few other owls (spelt it wols there for a mo) drifting around the place!

  2. Hoooo-hoooo would ever thought that you could have a collection and not know it?

    Love the little handwoven owl; its very cute.

  3. A fabulous owl collection! I've got a few little ones myself. In Japan, they're considered good luck.

  4. I love this cushion. Maybe something to add to your collection.

  5. Love your owls! Esp amigurumi one...I was in an antique book/poster store in Melbourne years ago and the shop had those high shelves around each wall (like a picture rail, but it's a shelf) - absolutely stuffed (no pun intended!) with owl figurines. It was fabulous!

  6. wow! i have a owl collection too! and i was thinking about using it for my "This is" this week, but decided to save it. isn't it true that once you buy one thing owl, you can't stop?!? my boyfriend sometimes calls me the crazy owl lady to remind me when i'm thinking about purchasing another owl related item. i'm glad to have found another fanatic! cheers!

  7. Hello Michelle!
    At the weekend I just made a bunch of owlets from a Ravelry pattern. It was great fun! I was wondering what to do with all of them - really - see the chat underneath this picture:

    Do you want one??

  8. The Blythe Hoodie is gorgeous...yes that looks like an owl collection to me!
    I like your "Smiths" references, in the quilty posts. Divine quilt btw!!!


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