Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In the days before digital cameras ...

Before I blogged, I had a quilting website called "Quiltingmick". (Yeah! A real surprise, that!). Actually, it still exists. I logged all my quilts, mum's quilts, the quilting thingies that I was making. I just went through it again (the memories!), and there are the sunnyboy bags I first made.

I wonder what happened to that little brown fellow? He's cute. I'll have to track him down.

So here's a photo taken in June 2002, on my old table, in my old courtyard, with my old point-and-shoot camera. Gosh, how times change.

This morning I went to Spotlight and checked out their yarn clearance. I managed to snaffle some Lion Brand 10 ply cotton (dishcloths for everyone this year!) for $4.99 and some Cleckheaton Country 12 ply for $2.99. I'm going to make a few baby jackets for Karinya House.

I'm curious though - why is this 12 ply so hard to get? It's fantastic stuff, but oh, the limited colour range. And I have to go to Queanbeyan to get it? Nuts.


  1. you managed to find the 12ply stuff?! I'm envious!!!

  2. I got some cotton too :) Just realised while browsing your old site that I've been there before! Long ago I was an angel for Natalie in Eltham - no doubt it was from her site... small world :)

    Oh, and I received my very own sunnyboy today - it's lovely, thank you very much!

  3. Just in case you're interested, Belconnen Vinnies has a lot of cotton in their wool bin at the moment - mainly 8 ply from what I could see, at around 50 cents to $1 a ball...

  4. Live the blue and white!!
    Could just order 12 ply from Bendi... just sayin'....

    Nearest spottie to me - an hour away - no way I can get any lion brand - poop!
    Hahaha security word - fkunkme!

  5. Speaking of sunnyboys, my boys arrived today - yay!!

    I got a bunch of the Lion cotton too (even though I've already got dishcloth cotton coming out my ears...it was just such a good price!!)

  6. What colour was your 12ply? On Monday I bought some of the gorgeous purple and the black for a hat and mittens attempt for the ravelympics, but then decided that they might be too dark for things I have never made before that have a time limit. I am wishing I had bought some of the red as well, gorgeous colours!

  7. Hi Michelle, I just stumbled across your buttontreelane shop on etsy... GORGEOUS! lovely. Can I do a little feature on Canberra's Got Style? And maybe a story about your Blythe collection? let me know... lisa(at)barrettnet.id.au


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