Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunnyboy bags are GO!

First batch of sunnyboy bags

These bags are now available at
Buttontree Lane.
EDIT: All sold! I'll make a few more in the next couple of days and restock the shop. I'm happy to do orders as well, so just convo me in Etsy.

I've been working to a daily and weekly schedule the past couple of weeks, and it's been a really productive thing to do. It is too tempting to do your laundry, watch countless episodes of Gilmore Girls and do your nails otherwise. This morning I should have paid closer attention to the schedule though.


Because I had four sunnyboy bags sewn and ready to photograph when I realised I'd sewn them the wrong way. I had to unpick them all, including the overlocked bits, and start again.

Tomorrow is Blythe sewing, and I have that down pat so I might not need to insert the brain before tomorrow's sewing session. Besides, it's not on the schedule.


  1. I'm so excited. I've been checking in waiting for the sunnyboys. They're here and I'm already and proud owner.

    Congrats again on getting the shop off the ground. I hope it's a raging success.

  2. Hey, congrats, yes me likey very much! I think I might need a sunnyboy too

  3. Love them Michelle!! I have the fabric for one - can I customise an order for a friend please??

  4. please do let me know whether writing it in your diary makes it actually happen. the brain insertion bit. i might try that if so. the sunnyboys are gorgeous.

  5. Love the sunnboys. Have just snagged myself a blue deer!

  6. Congratulations. They look fantastic.

    Love your planner page and understand getting sidetracked by Gilmore Girls. The days after I bought each of the seasons on DVD were a total write off.

  7. Sheesh..that was quick...I already missed it! I love the schedule!

  8. haha the "insert brain" comment is funny! I want one of those bags lady!

  9. yay! They are fabulous! I am waiting on the restock too!

  10. I love your schedule (AND the Sunnyboys)! I have 'scheduling issues' as a self-employed person too ... I've had to use Leechblock to ban myself from Ravelry and blogs during my working day!

    So glad your cute little Sunnyboys are running off the shelf .. must put in an order for myself soon!


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